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Whether it’s for commercial premises, a HMO, block of flats or an industrial property, by law these buildings and any others that aren’t a single private dwelling are required to undergo a fire risk assessment.

As an employer, building owner or landlord, you are responsible for ensuring that the property is safe and compliant for those that live, work or visit, by making sure that the buildings fire safety is up to the highest possible standard.

At T2 Fire, our dedicated team of experts can help to give you complete peace of mind with our professional, reliable and cost-effective fire risk assessment services in Grays.

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What Is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a strategic and thorough process that involves assessing and reviewing a building with the aim of fire prevention and being proactive rather than reactive. This works by identifying factors that might cause a fire, how hazardous they are and what could potentially happen if a fire did break out.

The objective of our fire risk assessment specialists is to uncover and analyse any risks or hazards and make recommendations based on years of experience and expert knowledge as to what can be done to reduce or eliminate them.

What Does a Fire Risk Assessment Cover?

To ensure that your property is compliant with the relevant fire safety laws and legislation, there are a number of different checks that must be carried out and requirements that need to be met.

During your fire risk assessment, our assessors will cover things such as;

  • The Property – Details of the building such as the responsible person, layout, number of floors, lifts, stairwells etc
  • Fire protection – What current firefighting facilities are in place such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire hoses, fire blankets etc.
  • Hazards – We will find, identify and assess any potential fire hazards such as ignition sources, materials, fuels and sources of oxygen
  • People at risk – Who uses the building such as tenants, guests, customers, contractors, visitors and employees. We will identify anyone who is vulnerable or higher risk because of age, job role, language barriers, mobility, additional needs or illness
  • Escape – The means of escape will be evaluated and documented including measurements and travel distances
  • Action – The assessor will evaluate any risks they have found and where possible and make recommendations on what actions need to be taken to remove or reduce them
  • Documentation – Any findings from risk assessment will be recorded in detail including any action taken to reduce risks, an emergency plan put in place and training provided
  • Review – Your fire risk assessment should be regularly reviewed, updated and when necessary, additional assessments carried out

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Fire Safety Assessment Grays

When fire occurs, it can be devastating for all involved and lead to the irreversible damage of buildings, equipment, stock and personal belongings as well as potential harm, injury or even loss of life.

At T2 Fire, our team of fire safety experts have years of experience within the industry delivering fast, reliable and cost-effective fire risk assessments for buildings of all type, size and complexity across various industries and sectors.

If you have would like to know more about our fire risk assessment services in Grays or have any questions, then please get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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