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Contrary to popular belief, fire incidents are not as rare as perceived. In fact, the year ending March 2022 saw a staggering 577,000 fire-related incidents attended to by Fire and Rescue Services. Such misconceptions can lead to complacency, resulting in inadequate preparation and neglect of tenants’ safety.

At T2 Fire, we understand the importance of fire safety and are dedicated to providing efficient solutions. With our team of experienced fire safety specialists, we offer fast and reliable fire risk assessments in Hackney for both commercial and domestic properties. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of your premises and the people inside them, leaving nothing to chance.

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What is A Fire Risk Assessment & What is The Process

A fire risk assessment is a methodical review of a building for fire prevention. It assesses the likelihood and consequences of a fire, and outlines actions to mitigate any risk.

The assessment comprises of three key steps:

  1. It carefully reviews your premises, considering the activities conducted there and the people occupying the building, whether residents or workers.
  2. The assessment then identifies at-risk individuals, potential fire hazards, and determines the necessary fire safety measures and equipment.
  3. Following the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive documentation containing suggestions and recommended changes. Additionally, a definitive date for a review of the fire risk assessment (within 12 months) will be provided.

The main goal is to recognize and mitigate potential risks and hazards, prioritizing the safety of all occupants and minimizing the likelihood and impact of a potential fire outbreak.

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The Law on Fire Safety

Since 2005, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (FSO) has mandated all ‘non-domestic’ premises, including common areas of purpose-built flats and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), to comply with fire safety legislation, making fire risk assessments obligatory.

The FSO references a ‘responsible person’ who bears the responsibility for upholding fire safety regulations. This person is typically an employer, business owner, landlord, or managing agent, depending on the type of property. The responsible person has a duty of care to all those who enter and remain on the premises to take reasonable precautions to ensure their safety, such as conducting a fire risk assessment.

Failure to conduct a fire risk assessment is a crime that can result in up to two years in prison and/or an unlimited fine. Neglecting the recommended improvements identified by the assessment is also a criminal offence.

Fire Safety Assessment Hackney

Unfortunately, no building can be 100% fireproof but our team at T2 Fire are dedicated to enhancing and ensuring the safety and security of your building to its highest possible degree.

When you work with T2 Fire, you can rest assured, you’re building, and its occupants will be safeguarded as effectively as can be with the support of our professional team of experienced specialists who specialise in cost-effective and dependable fire risk assessments in Hackney and Barking. We have a team of experienced fire specialists who will conduct a thorough assessment of your premises, leaving you with clear recommendations to make your premise a safer environment for everyone involved.

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