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A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for all UK businesses, buildings of multiple occupancy and communal areas of flats.

As the person who owns, manages or in charge of these types of properties, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a risk assessment in place so that your premises are safe and legally compliant.

At T2 Fire, our dedicated team can take care of everything for you, delivering professional, reliable and cost-effective fire risk assessment services to guarantee the highest standard of fire safety for your building.

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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a methodical and comprehensive inspection and review of a property, designed to identify any potential hazards or risks which could potentially cause a fire, determine the level of risk and what action needs to be taken if any.

Fire risk assessments are much more than just a box ticking exercise, they help to keep the building and its contents safe as well as protecting staff, visitors, residents and the public by reducing the risk of fire.

Fire Risk Assessment Legislation

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that fire risk assessments are mandatory for virtually all non-domestic premises. This includes;

  • Business premises
  • HMO’s
  • Accommodation for paying guests
  • Charities, churches, voluntary organisations
  • Premises open to consumers and the public
  • Care homes and medical facilities
  • Residential property with shared or communal areas such as flats

By law, it is up to the person who owns or is responsible for a property to make sure that a sufficient fire risk assessment is carried out. Failure to do so can have severe consequences for those in charge who will be held accountable and could face penalties, fines and even a prison sentence.

Can I Hire Someone to Carry Out My Fire Risk Assessment?

Fire risk assessments must be completed by a ‘competent person’ who has suitable and sufficient understanding of fire safety and is comfortable with assessing the building and completing the necessary documentation.

Many individuals, businesses and organisations prefer not to leave anything to chance when it comes to their fire risk assessments and choose to use a professional company who can take care of it for them.

Utilising the services of reliable, experienced and trusted specialists guarantees that your fire risk assessment has been carried out to the highest standard which helps to ensure compliance and provide peace of mind.

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Fire Safety Assessment Woolwich

At T2 Fire, our team of dedicated experts conduct fire risk assessments for buildings of all sizes, types, scale and complexity in a way that is straight forward, affordable and most importantly, safe.

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