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With modern health and safety standards, laws and legislations, buildings, appliances and equipment are safer than ever and tend to pose a lower fire risk than they used to. However, despite the advances in technology and processes, fire is still a very real risk that can result as a number of reasons due to human error, accidents and failure to follow the proper fire safety guidelines.

Because it is often thought of as so unlikely to happen, a lot of businesses and individuals fail to prioritise the fire protection, prevention and safety of buildings that they own, manage or are in charge of. This dangerous mistake can mean that in the event of a fire, the property and those within it are underprepared, potentially leading to much greater damage to the building, stock, equipment and worse, the harm or fatalities of those on the premises.

At T2 Fire, our dedicated team of certified fire safety specialists are on hand to provide fire risk assessments in East London that are suitable for a wide range of commercial and domestic properties.

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Fire Risk Assessment Law

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement for all businesses, buildings, properties and premises across the UK that are not a single private dwelling such as a private home. This means that those responsible for a building such as an employer, landlord, or owner, are legally required to ensure that regular fire risk assessments are carried out.

This means that a ‘responsible person’ (RP) must be nominated and will need to manage, oversee and be in charge of ensuring that the necessary steps, precautions and actions are taken.

Some of the duties of the responsible person will include;

  • Completion of a fire risk assessment, identifying any potential hazards and documenting them thoroughly
  • Based on the findings, taking the necessary actions to rectify any problems, issues or potential nonconformities, whether that means removing, reducing, replacing or repairing
  • Inform all staff, residents or representatives about any risks which have been identified
  • Put in place and maintain safety measures
  • Ensure that the fire risk assessment is reviewed regularly
  • Establish and implement an effective emergency plan
  • Provide staff or residents with relevant information regarding fire safety instructions and if required the proper fire safety training
  • For businesses that have more than five employees, risk assessments have to be a written record, with all findings properly documented, along with details on the steps that were taken to remove or reduce those risks.

If the person responsible fails to take appropriate action to prevent a fire from occurring, then the consequences can be severe and result in large penalties, fines or even a prison sentence.

Fire Safety Assessment East London

Fire risk assessments can be carried out in-house, so why should you choose to outsource yours to a professional company?

Fire safety is not something that should be taken lightly or for granted and is definitely not a time to be looking to cut costs or skimp on safety, especially when the consequences of failing to do so can be so devastating.

At T2 Fire, our team of experienced, knowledgeable and certified fire safety experts help landlords, business owners and property managers to reduce risks and protect those within their buildings with cost-effective fire risk assessments.

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