Fire Safety Consultancy

T2 fire can provide fire safety consultancy for a number of different reasons these could be:

  • Pre fire risk assessment
  • Post fire risk assessment
  • Visit from the fire authorities
  • To resolve any fire safety issues identified
  • Peace of mind

Fire is a very real threat to businesses and organisations of all size, scale and complexity, no matter what sector you are in. From retail, education and manufacturing to healthcare, leisure and commercial offices, at T2 Fire we have extensive experience delivering comprehensive fire safety services to clients across various industries.

If you are looking for professional, reliable and cost-effective fire safety consultancy services in London, then our team of experts are here to help.

Fire Risk Assessment Consultants London

Our fire safety specialists can provide assistance on a wide range of fire safety issues, recommendations or requirements.

Some of the reasons for using our services or matters we are able to provide guidance on include;

  • Fire safety for new or existing buildings
  • Satisfy building regulations
  • Developing bespoke fire safety policies and procedures for your premises
  • Pre fire risk assessment
  • Post fire risk assessment
  • Visit from the fire authorities
  • To resolve any fire safety issues identified

At T2 Fire we know that fire safety is vital in helping to protect properties, businesses, people and the environment. Our consultancy services are convenient, flexible and affordable in order to help meet the needs of our clients in a way that is uniquely tailored to them.

Benefits of Fire Safety Consultancy

Fire safety is not something that should ever be taken lightly or for granted and can be a big responsibility for those who are in charge of ensuring that the property is compliant and that all legal requirements, regulations and legislation has been adhered to.

Our professional fire safety consultation services provide organisations with many benefits including;

  • Allows clients to make informed decisions about fire safety
  • Cuts through the confusing legalities and relays information in a way that is jargon free, simple and easy to understand
  • Early involvement helps to greatly reduce risk by identifying potential hazards
  • Compliance helps to avoid penalties, fines or prosecution
  • Expert guidance on legal compliance
  • Creation of robust fire safety, evacuation and emergency plans and procedures
  • Helps to ensure the safety of staff, visitors and residents
  • Design and deliver tailored fire safety training
  • Fire management system maintenance and audits
  • Can work out to be extremely cost effective
What is a fire safety consultant?

Fire safety consultants help organisations and businesses of all types by providing expert information, guidance and advice on preventing and managing the risk of fire with professional and reliable solutions.

The services delivered will vary depending on the unique needs of the client but can include everything from undertaking fire risk assessments and audits to verifying compliance fire safety training or creating fire evacuation plans.

Our consultants are experts in fire safety and can advise on a wide range of matters, working with clients and staff to create safer workplaces for everyone.

Fire safety is extremely important and the consequences of not adhering to the proper rules and regulations can be severe for everyone involved.

Fire safety consultants can help to cut through the complicated and often confusing rules and regulations associated with fire safety and provide clear, reliable advice on a range of matters.

The types of organisations or individuals that can benefit from fire safety consultation services include;

  • SME’s
  • Employers or business owners
  • Managers or responsible persons
  • Commercial businesses
  • Industrial businesses
  • Public body premises
  • Project managers
  • Construction teams

Fire safety consultants can advise, support and provide professional, reliable expertise on a variety of things such as;

  • Building audits to identify potential fire risks and hazards
  • Provide advice on how risks and hazards can be greatly reduced or eliminated
  • Implement features and make changes to properties where risks are identified
  • Advise on procedures that should be followed to achieve and maintain compliance with fire safety laws
  • Help to design effective fire safety plans, emergency plans and evacuation procedures
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Write up fire safety and fire strategy reports
  • Provide a sounding board for answering fire safety questions or clarifying any queries
  • Deliver training for staff