Fire Consultations

T2 fire can provide fire safety consultancy for a number of different reasons these could be:

  • Pre fire risk assessment
  • Post fire risk assessment
  • Visit from the fire authorities
  • To resolve any fire safety issues identified
  • Peace of mind

Fire consultancy may include guidance on fire safety design on new or existing buildings, refurbishment projects or to satisfy Building Regulations. Fire safety consultancy is entirely flexible in order to meet each of our client’s bespoke requirements.

Owners and occupiers will also benefit, as this process will generate the basis of their fire safety management procedures and risk assessment.

What are the benefits?

Being able to call on one of our highly qualified fire consultants enables our clients to make informed decisions on how best to manage risks from fire and ensure fire safety. Expert fire safety guidance helps ensure legal compliance, reduces the likelihood of enforcement action by the fire service and assists greatly with the protection of lives, properties and reputation.