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No person, property or business is safe from the potential dangers of fire and the destruction, harm and devastation that they can cause. Fire safety is not something to be taken lightly, forgotten about or simply dismissed as being unlikely and therefore unimportant.

Proper fire risk assessments work to ensure that not only are potential risks, hazards and issues identified and resolved, but that if a fire was to break out, that any damage to the property, equipment and stock is greatly limited or reduced, and that the safe evacuation of those inside is a priority.

At T2 Fire, our team of experienced fire safety experts deliver professional, reliable, fire risk assessments in West London for all different types and sizes of commercial and domestic properties, helping to keep your buildings and the people inside them safe.

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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is carried out on a building to review, assess and highlight the risk of fire, looking at potential hazards, problems or issues that could be deemed as dangerous. By effectively identifying the potential fire risks, recommendations can be made on what needs to be done to make the property safer.

Fire risk assessments generally consist of five key steps;

  • Identifying hazards – Recognising potential high risk ignition sources such as heaters, electrical equipment and naked flames as well as things that could burn like flammable materials, fuels, furniture, rubbish etc.
  • Identifying people at risk – This should cover everybody who lives, works or visits the building including employees, residents, contractors and the public. Those who are more vulnerable and therefore more at risk due to their health, age, mobility or job role also need to be specifically identified.
  • Evaluate and take action – Evaluate the risks that you have identified and take effective action to make sure that risks are reduced, removed or changed. Also, that preventative actions and precautions are taken to alert people and ensure their safety in the event of a fire.
  • Records, planning and training – Businesses with more than five employees are legally required to document any findings from the fire risk assessments in writing including details on the steps taken to both prevent fire and keep people safe in the event of fire.
  • Review – Risk assessments should be reviewed regularly, and additional assessments carried out to ensure that nothing has changed or been overlooked.

Fire Safety Assessment West London

If you are an employer, building owner or property manager then it is your legal responsibility to ensure that sufficient fire risk assessments are carried out and documented. Failing to carry out fire risk assessments and take every reasonable measure to prevent fire from occurring can lead to severe consequences including large penalties, fines or even a prison sentence.

At T2 Fire, we provide clients with professional risk assessment services which help to deliver complete peace of mind. Our dedicated team of certified experts carry out thorough fire risk assessments that help to significantly reduce the risk of a fire starting, limit the damage caused by fire, ensure the safety of occupants and building compliance with fire safety legislation.

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