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For any commercial property or business, a fire risk assessment is not only a legal requirement but crucial in ensuring the safety of staff, customers and visitors; as well as the premises and its contents from potential fire damage.

Unfortunately, fire risk isn’t always taken seriously and is dismissed as being ‘unlikely to happen’ and therefore not considered a priority. However, the consequences of failing to risk assess a commercial property can be devastating if a fire were to break out, leading to irreversible damage, loss of stock and equipment, permanent business closures and harm or even loss of life to those inside.

At T2 Fire, our team of dedicated fire safety specialists deliver comprehensive fire risk assessments for commercial properties of various types and sizes to ensure that the buildings are safe and compliant.

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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a detailed, step-by-step process which involves reviewing a building in order to assess its fire risks and provide recommendations for how to make it safer.

A fire risk assessment shouldn’t be just a box ticking exercise, but taken seriously and used as the cornerstone of all fire safety plans for the building.

A commercial fire risk assessment should include;

  • The identification of fire hazards such as any potential sources of ignition, dangerous substances etc.
  • Pinpointing all of those who might be at risk and outline a suitable fire action plan which reflects this.
  • Evaluate all fire safety risks and make recommendations for how to remove, reduce or resolve those issues with comprehensive fire safety measures.
  • Record all findings including details on what steps were taken to resolve the identified risks and document emergency fire risk management plan.

Why Do I Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The UK Fire Safety legislation is in place to protect life and sets out the responsibilities of commercial businesses, managers and property owners for reducing the risk of fire and ensuring that the necessary measures and equipment are in place.

Compliance is compulsory and those who own, have control over or are in charge of a commercial building have a legal responsibility under the fire safety legislation to ensure the safety of everyone in the premises.

Any business or individual that does not put in place the appropriate fire safety measures is acting illegally. In the event that a fire did occur, and it was found that an appropriate fire risk assessment had not been completed, those responsible can expect to face severe consequences including substantial fines or even a prison sentence.

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Who Can Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?

In line with legal guidelines, fire risk assessments can be conducted by a “competent” individual who has the necessary knowledge and understanding needed to assess the building or premises against all of the different factors.

Although it isn’t a legal requirement to use a qualified fire risk assessor, there are a number of reasons to outsource such an important job to a professional commercial fire risk assessment company including;

  • A professional assessor will have undergone lots of detailed training and have years of experience in the fire safety industry. Unlike a nominated novice, they will be fully versed in the most recent guidelines and legal requirements, and be able to perform a thorough fire risk assessment on different types of buildings.
  • Dramatically decreases risk levels.
  • Provide you peace of mind knowing your building is safe.
  • Can be extremely cost effective without the need to use inner resources that can take a lot longer to complete the task nowhere near as well.
  • Help to achieve compliance and avoid penalties.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the safety of those who work or visit the property.
  • Promotes a good safety culture within the business.
  • Enhances confidence from employees, clients and customers.
  • Can help with insurance claims.

Commercial Property Fire Risk Assessment London

At T2 Fire, our certified fire safety specialists are here to help make your building safer and ensure compliance to the required fire safety standards.

If you are in need of a commercial fire risk assessment and have any questions about our services or would simply like to know more than please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our dedicated team will be happy to help you.

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