Fire Risk Assessments in London and Surrounding Areas With T2 Fire Risk Assessors

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

You are legally required to have “regular” fire risk assessments in your working facility. And, if you employ more than five people, you must keep detailed records of your fire risk assessments, in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

So, if you need fast, thorough and complete fire risk assessments in London or the surrounding areas, T2 Fire Risk Assessors can help.

T2 Fire Risk Assessors UK LTD specialise in Fire Risk Assessments. As an affiliate organisation of the Institution of Fire Safety Managers, we conduct quality-assured assessments and ensure our knowledge is current.

Rest assured, our assessors diligently participate in courses, seminars and continuous professional development (CPD) to stay abreast of the constantly evolving fire safety guidelines and regulation.

Furthermore, all of our Fire Risk Assessors have Member Grade Status within the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (MIFSM), and are memberships with the British Fire Services Association (MBSFA).

Contact us now to book your fire risk assessments in London and the surrounding areas with T2 Fire Risk Assessors UK LTD.

Why Should I Choose T2 Fire?

Your fire risk assessment package with T2 Fire includes comprehensive reporting and detailing of possible structural and fire compartmentation issues. 

We’ll start by evaluating the potential fire hazards and risks within your premises or environment. To do this, your inspector will identify sources of ignition and the location of combustible materials and fuel sources. 

Then, we’ll assess the effectiveness of your fire detection and warning system, means of escape and fire suppression measures. 

This report will determine the likelihood of a fire occurring and the potential consequences, allowing for the implementation of appropriate preventative measures and emergency procedures. This will allow you to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of your building and its occupants.

Ensuring compliance with the latest fire safety regulations is not just a standard procedure. Doing so can save lives. There is no particular time frame specified in the amended fire safety regulations. But you need a fire risk assessment annually (at least) to ensure that you are fully compliant.

Our team has conducted thousands of Fire Risk Assessments since our founding in 2016. Currently, our Senior Fire Risk Assessors are registered and trained as:

  • Tier 2 Fire Risk Assessors (CFRAR).
  • Level 4 Diploma holders in Fire Risk Assessments.
  • Member Grade Status in the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (MIFSM)

Do I Need a Fire Safety Risk Assessment?

You are legally obligated to have regular fire risk assessments if:

  • You are responsible for business premises.
  • You are an employer or self-employed with business premises.
  • You are responsible for dwelling solely used for business purposes.
  • You are a charity or voluntary organisation.
  • You are a contractor with a degree of control over any premises. 
  • You are providing accommodation for paying guests.

What Happens During a Fire Risk Assessment?


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